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Thank you for taking your precious time to speak with us, and our listeners. If you're here, we know you have some amazing things to say! 


Please log in via the ZOOM link at your recording time We can spend 5-10 minutes to discuss and outline the episode before recording. We aim to keep the recordings to under 40 minutes. 



If you need to reach us for technical issues, you can call Dr. Kara's mobile number at




You will have received a ZOOM link. We may occasionally need to send you a different link, so please check your email on the day of the recording to look for any adjustments.



  • We highly advise you have earphones to plug into your computer

  • If you have a microphone to hook up to your computer that is ideal, but not absolutely necessary

  • VIDEO: we will be recording video. Pants optional. But if you have any objections (to the video, not the pants) please let us know

  • If possible, it is a good idea to record your end of the conversation. If you have a recording device on your computer (e.g. Quicktime), or even a recording app on your phone, it is a backup of our backups, (We don't want to lose a great conversation!)


Please send to

  • A profile picture

  • Your Social Media handles

  • Your professional and/or clinic website

  • Any information on programs, courses, books, or cool things you're up to that we can link and mention in the


We can't wait to have a great ND 'head-to-head-to-head' with you!


Dr. Dave & Dr. Kara 

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