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Welcome to TNP

Your doctor tells you “you’re normal, you’re fine,” or “this medication will solve the problem.” But, there’s a problem with the "solution", because you don’t feel “fine” and part of you knows that there must be another way to look at “the problem”.


You can ask Dr. Google or your friend who’s into “wellness,” which results in contradictory opinions, analysis paralysis, and information overload. Your health deserves a 2ND opinion. 


Join Dr. Dave and other ND’s with the smarts and hearts to help you rethink medicine and take informed action on your health.

Are you ready to transform the limitations of being “fine” into the vitality you need to live your life on your terms?



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The mission here at That Naturopathic Podcast is to highlight the solutions that Naturopathic Doctors can provide to an increasingly unsatisfied patient population who are more and more aware of the limitations of the conventional medical system. 

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